Veneza Filter

Tradition and efficacy in an innovative set.


From inside of its modern appearance, the Veneza Filter brings over 70 years of recognized efficacy of the most traditional water purification system on the market, the São João Filter.

Veneza Filter has a modern and simple design that combines a resistant plastic recipient on top with a traditional terracotta base, which preserves the water fresh and natural.

Veneza brings as innovation an efficient water purifying set, formed by Dechlorinating Ceramic Cartridge (Double Action), which removes solid particles and dechlorinates water, and Float Valve that regulates the water level of the chambers. A model that matches with all environments, ideal for those who want a healthy, crystalline and purified water to drink at home.

- Equipped with Clic Tap.

Technical Information:

Capacity No. of Cartridges Height Diameter Net Weight
6L 1 46,0 cm / 18,1 in 26,5 cm / 10,4 in 5,7 kg / 12,6 lb


51,0 cm / 20,1 in 29,5 cm / 11,6 in 6,7 kg / 14,8 lb



For the international market, this filter can be equipped with Sterilizing Ceramic Cartridge (Triple Action).